The Rendering Engine

There are no pre-stored HTML files, the Rendering Engine creates everything instantaneously when the user opens a screen

Creating the HTML instantaneously when fetching a screen

  • Applications built with Build.One do not deliver HTML files that sit and wait on a server.
  • When a user launches a screen of your application, the Rendering Engine reads-out your application’s Blueprint and instantaneously creates the HTML for the browser
  • All web-technology required to display a screen and user experience is built into the Rendering Engine
  • No latency compared with traditional delivery methods.
  • Fully scalable to deliver applications with thousands of different screens to thousands of users at the same time

You focus on business Logic and UX, we focus on delivering the best technology

  • With the Rendering Engine, you never have to invest in frontend technology. You can focus on business logic, user experience and differentiation.
  • In other words: Build.One takes care of the technology and keeps your frond-end up-to-date. Always!