Merging the Speed of Low-Code with the Power of Classic Development

The Fastest Way To Move Your Business Applications to the Web

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Build.One is available in the cloud.Build.One is available on-premise..Build.One is available for private clouds.
Build.One Pro-Code IDE with full-featured development tooling, source code management, ticketing and 100% integration with Low-Code IDE. All in the browserBuild.One Low-Code IDE with visual screen, forms and ribbon designers. Data flow management and rules engine.

Speed Up Your Modernization To Become Future-Proof Without Any Limits.


Build.One is a ready-to-use development platform that includes all the necessary frameworks, components, and tools you need to get started quickly. Save time and resources by avoiding the need to build everything from scratch.

Independent of Skill

The visual designer in Build.One makes it easy to create front-end interfaces without web-know-how. You can drag-and-drop components and templates to create custom user interfaces, without having to write any code.

Reduce Risk

Build.One allows you to reuse your existing data sources and business logic to minimize risk. You can modernize your applications step-by-step without disrupting existing operations, and migrate to the cloud or on-premises at your own pace.

Fully Integrated

Build.One is a fully integrated platform that includes a front-end and back-end for all common data sources. You can easily connect to your existing systems and applications, and manage and secure all your applications from a central location.

Easy Production

Build.One makes it easy to deploy and manage your applications. You can scale your applications up or down as needed, and monitor them for performance and security.

No Limits

Build.One gives you the freedom to develop custom business logic to meet your specific requirements. You can extend the platform with your own code and modules in a full Pro-Code IDE.

We Provide the Blueprint for Your Digital Transformation


your existing tech & logic

Integration with existing Databases 

Use of existing business logic in various languages

Integration with existing Rights & Roles management


our frameworks & components

Ready-to-use framework with hundreds of components

Modern web experience even for complex applications

400+ ready-to-use connectors


with faster tooling

Visual Screen & Form Designer with custom themes & CI

Business logic with Automation Hub & Rules Engine

Full Flexibility with Pro-Code IDE and REST-API

Modern web application

Customer Examples

RWEInnogyCBRESchweizer GesundheitssystemSchweizer Gesundheitssystem

Made for Developers

Using the Build.One platform supercharges application modernization by 10x

In-House Software Development

Companies with in-house IT-teams that modernize legacy custom-solutions reduce their effort and cost by 90%.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Modernize their specialized cloud software and SaaS and become legacy-proof and updatable forever.

and Integrators

Enable their customers' modernization journey through consulting, development, and service.

Build.One orchestrates all steps of application development on one platform


Always remain updatable and agile. With Build.One there is no end of life.

Stefan Geyer
CEO OSIV Switzerland

We transitioned our entire CRM and ERP with over 1000 users into the cloud

We have very demanding requirements, that conventional tools could not transfer into web. Build.One enabled us to modernise our complex application in no time. Our existing development team could perform this transformation without the need to learn HTML, JavaScript or CSS. With Build.One, we have a future-proof technology and remain up-to-date permanently.
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See the Build.One platform in action: Create complex applications in a web environment. Build comprehensive designs, user experience and business logic. All highly agile, collaborative and without legacy.