Modernize your applications with zero disruption

Transform your Progress OpenEdge based application to a modern web application in no time.

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Progress Build.One

Build modern web-based applications based on your existing Progress technology stack. Gain the power to innovate without the pain of updates.

  • Move your application to the web
  • Create modern interfaces fast without the need to learn web technologies
  • Keep your existing stable and reliable OpenEdge infrastructure
  • Re-use your defined Corticon rules and developed ABL logic
  • Escape the legacy-trap and make updates a breeze

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and learn...

  • Build.One integrates with the Progress ecosystem
  • ...the 5 step method to move a Progress application to the web
  • the Swiss government transitioned to the web using our 5 step method


Software updates will never cause disruptions


Fully integrated and


Less Technical Debt
Shift your efforts from maintenance to innovation


Choose from 400+
connectors or integrate own APIs
🗓️ Monday, March 27, 2023 | 1:00 - 2:00pm CET

Webinar: Move your OpenEdge Applications to the Web

Join us for this informative webinar and discover how Build.One can help you successfully move your legacy OpenEdge applications to the web.

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Back to the future in warp speed

Incorporate the services that have supported you over the years into an award-winning, agile platform.


Integrate your existing stack

Be efficient by using what you already have
  • Use OpenEdge database in your new web application in the version you are running
  • Utilize the existing business rules from Corticon in your new web application
  • Continue to use ABL to write back-end logic and re-use existing ABL code
Layout & structure

Design modern interfaces

No need to learn new web technologies
  • Use the Build.One No-Code and Low-Code designers to design screens or forms for the web
  • Apply any layout, theme & corporate identity
  • Use your existing OpenEdge DB to create screens and forms automatically
Content Management

Escape the legacy trap

Design processes, roles, access and responsibilities as you need
  • Gain the power and flexibility of an end-to-end development platform
  • Orchestrate all steps of application development on one platform
  • Your applications will not become legacy thanks to our unique technology. Check out the blueprint technology and the rendering engine.

Take the first step to modernize!

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