Seamlessly integrate into your enterprise architecture

Connect, integrate, automate and harmonize your data across multiple applications.
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Being innovative means being open

Build.One is an open platform that not only allows but encourages sharing capabilities, data and insights across multiple applications.

Fully flexible

Integrate any data source or application into the open architecture.

Rapid integration

Use predefined workflows and connectors to speed-up integration.

Innovation at scale

Share data and capabilities efficiently through the data access layer.

100+ Connectors

Speed-up integration with our set of pre-defined connectors.
  • Multiple databases and database-models.
  • CRMs, ERPs, e-commerce, logistics.
  • Analytics, data and visualization.

Integration and Workflow Automation

Easily integrate connected data sources and add workflows.
  • No-Code visual editor to integrate and sync connected data sources.
  • Create and automate workflows.

Data Access Layer

The Build.One object hierarchy allows much more flexibility.
  • Integrate and combine any data source in one screen.
  • Design-driven development: Create logical data objects independently from physical data sources.
  • Reuse business logic across multipledata sources in Frontend and Backend.

Data Joining, Mapping and Blending

Make data actionable in your applications - independent from its source.
  • Join: Create screens that read/write data from multiple data sources, e.g. access Salesforce accounts, add data from an SQL-server or ERP-Backend and enrich with custom Build.One data sources.
  • Map: Map data fields from several data sources, e.g. integrate parallel systems from different locations or departments.
  • Blend: Reformat, calculate or translate data to harmonize.