Define your setup and simply deliver your application

Deploy to Cloud Providers, Kubernetes, Docker, virtual machines, bare metal, on-premise. Your application, your choice.
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Push a button and deploy

Build any version at any time.

Deploy to any provider

AWS, GCP, Azure, or others and on-Premise.

Define Infrastructure-as-code

to manage the full application lifecycle.

Orchestrate and scale

without writing any scripts.

Docker & Kubernetes

Deliver to Docker & Kubernetes without hassle.
  • Built-in without writing any scripts.
  • Orchestrate and scale on any level of size and complexity.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Launch development workspaces for any task, branch or release through a button.
  • Built-in staging, versioning and agile processes.
  • Enable remote teams of any size to effectively collaborate.
  • Built-in development workflow for versioning and releases.


Deliver applications to any cloud environment or on-premise Hosting.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and chose from any provider.
  • Both the Build.One platform and your final application can be hosted/delivered on-Premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

Single Sign On — SSO

Integrate your Build.One application with your existing authentication provider(s).
  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple authentication backends, e.g. Active Directory, MS Azure / Office 365, OIDC.
  • Provide two-factor authentication.
  • Kerberos support.


Build.One security features and encryption functions are quite comprehensive. Just set up the security level your business requires.
  • Extended user, rights and roles concept, applicable on any level, e.g. screens, fields, entities, records with optional two-factor authentication.
  • Anonymize data based on rights and roles.
  • Use the Build.One encryption functions to safeguard your data.