Building the future of Software Development

Our Philosophy

We believe

We believe software development will fundamentally change in order to meet the ever-growing requirements of digitization. We further believe, giving more people access to digital capabilities will only increase the speed of innovation and empower the growing crowd of capable and creative individuals, scattered around the globe.

Our Mission

With the Build.One platform and its Blueprint Technology, we aim to transform business application development. We strive to help organizations to better differentiate while focusing on what they do best: Their own business. Our goal is to enable companies and teams to build any application - complex or simple - tailored to specific needs. In doing so, we help enterprises, software vendors, agencies and developers come up with smarter and more flexible solutions.

Any IT team should be able to

  • Build complex applications at a fraction of today's budget
  • Be radically more productive and faster
  • Focus on business needs, not on technological challenges
  • Collaborate with any contributor in your team, independent of development skills
  • Always stay up-to-date, no more Legacy!

Our Team

Our diverse team of technology and product specialists is set up remotely in a number of European countries, following the same vision: to push the next evolution of business application development. If you want to join this mission, check out our open positions.
A photo showing investor Frank Thelen

Our Investors

Build.One is supported and backed by a range of acknowledged seed and angel investors bringing in network, experience and hands-on work in building the future of application development.
Als wir Build.One entdeckt haben, konnten wir gar nicht glauben, was dieses kleine Team mit Passion erreicht hat. Sie definieren die Art und Weise, wie Business Applications erstellt werden, neu und lösen einige der größten Probleme der heutigen Entwicklung, indem sie den Entwicklungsprozess mit ihrer Blueprint-Technologie vereinfachen und vereinheitlichen. Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass Build.One zur führenden Plattform für Business Application Development wird und endlich das einlöst, was „Low-Code / No-Code“ seit Jahren verspricht.
Frank Thelen
CEO Freigeist Capital