Control users, multi-tenancy, rights, roles, and audits

A central management system to control users, tenants and regulatory requirements.
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Grow and stay in full control

Business needs constantly change. Quickly react and steer accordingly.

Full control

Know what happens when and where. Be audit ready at any time.

Orchestrate easily

Managing usage, users, roles and tenancy.

Grow at scale

Increase usage of existing applications and expand with new ones easily.

Rights and Roles

Stay in full control, but yet fully flexible.
  • Very granular rights controls, down to field- and record-level. Differentiate between hiding, disabling and anonymizing.
  • Vastly different UX based on rights and roles, e.g. personalizable views of every screen.
  • Create roles as you like, differentiate ‘Power Users’ from ‘Architects’, ‘Engineers’ and even ‘External Users’, e.g. translators.

User Management

Administer users and user groups with a comprehensive set of properties and controls
  • Define multi-level user groups, e.g. Global Sales Team vs. US Sales Team.
  • Create pre-set layouts and settings for individual users and/or user groups.
  • Pre-set user specific data filters and access.


Very secure handling that does not require coding
  • No schema required: Individual tenants automatically separated on storage level. Differentiation of tenants coupled with session.
  • Built-on tooling and UI to create, manage, and onboard tenants within moments.
  • Tenant-aware database utilities and tools, including backup.


Be compliant with international Government regulations
  • Auditing provides a number of features that allow contextual information to be associated to individual audit event records.
  • The types of contextual information include: Database transactions, Client login sessions, Application context, Application event groups.
  • Start recording and select records from our auditing menu, as needed.