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April 11, 2024

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Combining the Power of Open Source with Seamless Integration

Discover how Build.One combines the best of two worlds – the pioneering spirit of open-source with the practicality of integrated platforms, offering a groundbreaking ecosystem that accelerates and simplifies the development of enterprise applications.

Dr. Ronny Schüritz
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In the world of application development, the choice between using platforms and frameworks often becomes a pivotal decision for companies aiming to develop new business applications or modernize their existing ones. We recently published a blog article highlighting the differences.

At Build.One, we want to offer you the best of both worlds: the power of open-source frameworks and the capabilities of a comprehensive, integrated platform. This philosophy has led us to create an ecosystem where you can confidently stand on our shoulders.

Embracing Open Source: The Foundation of Build.One

Our journey at Build.One is significantly marked by our reliance on and contribution to open-source technologies. From the operating system layer with Linux/Ubuntu to the deployment mechanisms using Docker, and further to the orchestration with Portainer, our infrastructure is built upon the robustness and flexibility that open-source offers. For development, we harness the versatility of Linux, Node.js, Express, NestJS, JavaScript, Vue for the UI, and a constellation of over 9,000 open-source npm packages.

This extensive use of open-source tools underscores a vital principle: we use these tools so neither we nor you have to reinvent the wheel. At Build.One, we see ourselves standing on the shoulders of giants, utilizing the vast landscape of open-source technologies to build a foundation that is strong, versatile, and innovative.

The Build.One Ecosystem: Integrated for Legacy Modernization

The essence of the Build.One platform is integration. While we celebrate the diversity and capability of open-source tools, we recognize the challenges they present in terms of integration, especially for businesses embarking on the path of legacy modernization. Our message is clear: the Build.One ecosystem has been meticulously crafted so that our end users can effortlessly stand on our shoulders. We have taken the myriad of open-source tools necessary and integrated them into a cohesive, unified platform designed specifically for enterprise business applications.

With Build.One, the complexities of choosing the right development tools, UI frameworks, and deployment strategies are things of the past. Our users don't have to navigate the labyrinth of creating and integrating disparate tools and technologies. Instead, all they need to focus on is building great applications.

The Advantages  of an Integrated Platform

Build.One provides a seamless integration of open-source technologies, ensuring they work harmoniously within our platform. This integration offers several key advantages:

  • Much Faster Setup. The vast majority of companies embarking on the DIY path greatly underestimate the avalanche of design decisions and integration work that sum up over time. With Build.One, you can skip the months-long waiting for results and start with your actual value add right away, building on a solid foundation.
  • Streamlined Development Process: By integrating the best open-source tools, we offer a development environment that is ready to use, significantly reducing setup and configuration time.
  • Reduced Complexity: Our platform provides a simplified, intuitive UI to the complexity involved in integrating various technologies, allowing developers to concentrate on application logic and user experience.
  • Supercharged Innovation: Leveraging the collective innovation of the open-source community within an integrated platform means our users can deploy modern, scalable, and secure applications faster than ever.
  • Reduced Risk by letting Build.One take care of the technology choices as well as updates and interconnectivity. Build.One develops one solid software stack for enterprise applications around the globe. No need to reinvent the wheel. You can confidently stand on our shoulders.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Innovation

At Build.One, standing on the shoulders of giants is more than a metaphor—it's our operational philosophy. We embrace the power and innovation of open-source technologies, integrating them into a platform that empowers our users to focus on what they do best: building exceptional applications. Join us, and let's make your dream applications real.

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