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Product Update
August 7, 2023

Unleashing Enterprise Potential: Simultaneous Multi-Application Deployment with Build.One

Experience the next level of enterprise application deployment with Build.One's innovative feature. Seamlessly host and manage multiple applications simultaneously, unlocking modularity, agility, and resilience for your modernization journey. Transform your development approach and scale effortlessly.

Max Kienle
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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, enterprises face the challenge of keeping up with rapidly changing business demands while managing legacy applications. This is where Build.One emerges as a game-changer, offering a cutting-edge feature that empowers large enterprises to deploy multiple applications concurrently.

Let’s explore how this innovation opens up a world of possibilities for modernization and growth.

Advantages Galore

1. Modularity and Scalability: Traditional monolithic applications often hinder scalability. With Build.One’s simultaneous multi-application deployment, enterprises can modularize their systems, allowing them to scale individual components independently and efficiently.

2. Agile Development: The feature facilitates an agile development environment, enabling teams to work on different applications concurrently without stepping on each other’s toes. This enhances collaboration and accelerates the development cycle.

3. Fault Isolation and Resilience: By deploying applications separately, potential failures are isolated, preventing a domino effect on the entire system. This resilience ensures uninterrupted service and minimizes downtime.

4. Technology Diversity: Enterprises often deal with a myriad of technologies across their applications. Build.One’s feature supports diverse technology stacks, giving businesses the freedom to choose the best tools for each component.

5. Team Autonomy and Scalability: Different teams can work on different applications simultaneously, maintaining autonomy and fostering innovation. As teams grow, new members can be onboarded to specific projects without disrupting ongoing work.

6. Deployment and Continuous Delivery: The concurrent deployment of applications streamlines the release process. Continuous delivery becomes more manageable, allowing for quick and reliable updates.

7. Improved Testing and Maintenance: Isolated deployments simplify testing, as changes can be evaluated on a smaller scale. Maintenance efforts are focused, ensuring that updates or bug fixes do not disrupt the entire application ecosystem.

A Glimpse into the Future

Imagine a leading insurance company seeking to revamp its customer service by implementing an AI-driven claims processing system into its existing infrastructure. With Build.One's multi-application deployment, the company's development teams can focus on the claims processing system as a distinct application, harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies without disrupting their core insurance platform. This modular approach guarantees that the integration of new functionalities won't compromise the stability of their current operations.

As the AI claims processing system evolves, it can seamlessly integrate into the insurance platform using Build.One's deployment prowess. This ensures a smooth transition, allowing the company to introduce advanced features while maintaining uninterrupted service for policyholders during the integration phase.

Embrace the Future with Build.One

In a dynamic digital landscape, the ability to enhance legacy applications is pivotal to an enterprise's success. Build.One's simultaneous multi-application deployment empowers enterprises to modernize efficiently, all while maintaining the flexibility to scale.

Embrace this transformative feature and propel your enterprise towards an agile, resilient, and innovative future.

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