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Product Update
November 10, 2023

Introducing the Build.One Portal: The new entry point for development

We're pleased to introduce a practical addition to our platform – Build.One Portal. An easy-to-use overview combines all your repositories, tickets, environments, and applications. Start your desired development workspace or deploy a new version straight from the portal with just a few clicks!

Dr. Ronny Schüritz
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Introducing Build.One Portal: Simplifying Your Development Workflow

At Build.One, we're continuously working to enhance your development experience, and today, we're pleased to introduce a practical addition to our platform – Build.One Portal. This new feature streamlines and simplifies how you manage your applications, providing you with the new entry point for efficient development in Build.One. Let's take a closer look at what Build.One Portal has to offer.

A Practical Approach to Development with Build.One Portal

  • Centralized Overview: Build.One Portal offers a consolidated view of your projects, tenants, and environments, bringing everything together in one place. Managing multiple applications has never been more straightforward.
  • Seamless Integration with Git: Integrate your Git repositories, branches, and workspaces effortlessly within Build.One Portal. Whether you use Bitbucket or Github, access your repositories and easily manage branches, simplifying version control and collaboration among team members.
  • Efficient Task Management: Seamlessly integrate your ticket management system, like Jira, within Portal. Stay organized by keeping track of your tasks effortlessly, ensuring smooth collaboration and progress tracking.
  • Flexible Development Environments: Whether you prefer No/Low-Code, or Pro-Code development workspace, Build.One Portal caters to your needs. Launch your chosen environment based on a branch or a ticket, providing flexibility in your development approach.
  • Simplified Deployment: Build.One Portal automates the dockerization process, manages containers, and deploys applications to your specified target. This automation eliminates complexities, allowing you to focus on your coding tasks without worrying about intricate deployment procedures.

Experience Effortless Development Today

Build.One Portal is designed with practicality in mind. By automating essential processes like dockerization and deployment, we're making your development workflow smoother and more efficient. We aim to simplify your tasks, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – developing exceptional applications.

Ready to Explore Build.One Portal? Dive In Now!

Build.One Portal is gradually rolling out to our customers and partners with an existing Build.One installation. If you want to get your hands on it first, please reach out!

For any questions or assistance, our documentation is available, or you can contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Embrace the convenience of Build.One Portal and simplify your development journey.

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