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February 10, 2023

Build.One offers the fastest and most flexible document creation platform

Automating document creation in large companies faces challenges including data integration, content and logic, structure, ROI and multilingualism. Build.One offers a solution by reducing cost and automating the process, resulting in 80-99% reduction in manual processing time.

Dr. Michael Liebmann
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With Build.One's automated document generation, processes and data can be individually integrated and automated. Build.One's document creation combines the speed of no-code tools with the flexibility of classic development. All types of document types can be created and managed, whether as 100% automation or with manual input and collaboration. Any number of data sources can be easily connected. Custom business logic, business rules and workflows can be easily created and managed in an agile way. Build.One is "enterprise grade" and scalable to any size. Up to several million records and thousands of pages per minute are no problem. No-code automation significantly increases return-on-investment. Learn how here.

Visual 1 – Over 400 connectors can be used to input data into Build.One Document Generation; Rules, Workflows and Pro-Code can be used in terms of logic and automation; output documents (PDF and Word) can be shared via Slack, mail, SMS and many more.

The challenge of automating document creation

The automation of document creation processes in large companies poses many challenges.
Here are the five most important:

Data Integration

The creation of documents without external data sources is hardly imaginable anymore. One or more data sources, such as CRMs, product databases, ERPs or internal systems, must be seamlessly integrated. The connected data sources must provide the content in such a way that it is useful for document creation.

Individual Content and Logic

Working with placeholders is no longer enough. Most processes require individual business logic, such as calculations of quantities or prices. The content and structure of documents often differ dynamically based on the requested data. This business logic must be reflected in the document creation and be easily accessible, so that it can be adapted to changing requirements without developers.

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Specific Structure and Layouts

Most available document editors leave little room for individual layouts and more complex structures, such as nested content. MS Word, on the other hand, offers much more flexibility than most based editors allow.

ROI and Innovation Speed

The more complex the business process has to be implemented by IT, the slower and more expensive it becomes. Such processes are 'innovation inhibitors'. The faster and cheaper complex processes can be created and changed, the more innovative and competitive teams will become.

Individual Challenges

In many companies, documents must be created in multiple languages. This poses an additional challenge, as the business logic and data integration must be adapted for each language.

Process cost reduction in document creation

Instead of working with static MS Office templates and time-intensive legacy processes, with Build.One document creation, you can save 80-99% of manual processing time and use it profitably elsewhere. Those who previously created documents manually in MS-Word or MS-Excel, exported them as PDFs, then stored them in the system, even printed them out and sent them for further processing, can now use the automatic document creation to fill out templates with all relevant information and then send them. You can use any available functionality in MS-Word.

Build.One provides a flexible infrastructure for all application cases, from very simple to highly complex with multi-layered and multi-nested content, that you can assemble as needed.

Visual 2 – Build.One Document Generation offers a wide variety of functionalities

SaaS and Standard No-Code quickly reach their limits

The automation of document creation goes two ways: faster and cheaper through a standard software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, or more time-consuming but much more individual and flexible through a classic development project. Whenever individual business logic or processes are needed, standard SaaS falls short because it is not flexible enough or the customization is too time-consuming. However, classic IT projects usually do not achieve the return on investment required. Especially not if they change processes frequently.

Many no-code providers promise relief here today. But these are usually not made for individual business logic and processes and quickly reach their limits.

No-Code Speed without sacrificing Flexibility

Build.One combines the benefits of no-code with the power of classic development. Non-technical employees, the much-praised citizen developer, can not only build templates and the document structure themselves, but can also define complex business logic. For example, with the help of the Build.One Rules Engine, complex rules can be established to control content. The integration of new data sources and fields or the design of an individual user screen can also be easily done by non-technical process designers or agents. Wherever the extensive no-code tools are not enough, developers can directly program individual logic on the same platform. This means that there are practically no limits to individuality.

Visual 3 – Combination of No-Code/Speed and Pro-Code/Flexibility

60-90% IT Cost Reduction

With the Build.One platform, you not only automate processes, but also develop an integrated app that fits your business processes. Creating and implementing templates, workflows, and a user app is significantly cheaper than developing your own software application. Updating and maintaining a Build.One application also saves 60-90 percent of IT costs compared to traditional software.

Completely Customizable Applications and Processes

To get started, you use the Build.One base application for document creation. You can then customize it to your own processes, data sources, and desired functionality. This creates your very own, completely customized application. New processes or changes can be easily adjusted or introduced by non-technical staff. This ensures that your document creation is always up to date and your business processes are optimally automated. In a Build.One application, business processes and IT always stay in sync.

Visual 4 – The Build.One Document Generation application in action

The Swiss Health System Relies on Build.One

Build.One document creation is used by large corporations, SMEs, and government organizations. Part of the Swiss health system was built with the Build.One platform and uses document generation. Up to 1,300 employees manage and work in the central customer data and case management system of the Swiss invalidity insurance using Build.One. The fully customizable application uses a variety of rules and individual business logics. The system processes approximately 1 million customers with over 25 million documents.

The application is highly collaborative and integrated into all processes and workflows. Proven business logics, processes, and parts of the code base have been reused and made future-proof. Critical business processes have not only become more agile, but investment protection has also been ensured. The OSIV continues to develop the solution independently to ensure that it meets changing legal and business requirements.

The application continues to grow and additional functions are added in one or separate applications. For example, the functionality has been expanded to include order management, customer data capture, call centers, and customer success.

Build.One Document Generation

Build highly individual, data-driven and performant experiences.

  • Scale your document generation, collaboration and delivery
  • Integrate with your enterprise architecture
  • Design any layout and document structure
  • Fully customize your content management
  • Use the speed of No-Code or go fully custom with Pro-Code
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