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Product Update
January 23, 2024

Brand-new Help Center Experience

Explore the new Help Center experience on the Build.One platform, featuring an AI-based search function for relevant articles and clickable terms for instant access. This significant update offers a seamless and intuitive way to interact with information, enhancing your knowledge journey on Build.One.

David K. Fürst
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Find the information you need on the Build.One Platform is now easier than ever with the brand-new Help Center we're rolling out now. Enjoy a glimpse into what's coming in this blog post.

We're excited to unveil our brand-new Help Center experience, a significant leap forward in how you access and interact with information on our platform. Beyond just improving the underlying content, this new system focuses on a seamless experience with an AI-based search function that always provides you with the most relevant articles. What's more all important terms are now clickable and lead you straight to the corresponding article. Experience our new Help Center – the fastest and most intuitive way to knowledge on the Build.One Platform.

The new B1 Help Center is online now!

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